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Launch the Effective White Label Google AdWords Campaign and Generate ROI

With the decline of conventional marketing practices, a new, innovative and targeted way of online marketing has emerged –Pay per Click (PPC). PPC is an effective Internet-marketing model that helps businesses maximize targeted traffic and promote their products and services. Google, being the most popular search engine, provides a popular and robust platform called Google AdWords for PPC advertising.

Developing an effective PPC marketing campaign through Google AdWords can change the landscape of online visibility of a brand, thereby boosting sales and promotion.

AdWordsWise is a White Label PPC agency committed to providing you maximum ROI by utilizing our comprehensive PPC services. Being a certified Google AdWords Partner, we bring to our clients the latest technology,expertise, and professionalism with the help of a team of over 70 PPC experts.

How Can a White Label AdWords Company Help?

A White Label AdWords company is one that has an in-house team of AdWords experts to manage AdWords campaigns. When you hire a White Label AdWords Company, you would not require spending on hiring and training in-house team of PPC experts.

Known for its AdWords proficiency, AdWordsWise provides White Label PPC Services to its clients that help them not only maximize profits but also realize other business goals.

Why Choose AdWordsWise for White Label AdWords Services?

These are the advantages of selecting us as your White Label AdWords Partner –

  1. A team of 70+ PPC Experts
  2. High-level proficiency in Google AdWords with over 8 years of experience
  3. We provide customized PPC services for your clients to deliver maximum ROI
  4. We will save 50% of your local cost
  5. Our dedicated team will provide you end-to-end services from planning the campaign to executing and managing it.
  6. We provide a monthly White Label report with your own branding and logo
  7. We will enable you extend the horizon of your services

We can be your most reliable partner for PPC Service outsourcing as we have extensive experience in digital marketing and have successfully collaborated with many renowned PPC companies from the UK and US.

What Do Our PPC Management Services Incorporate?

  1. A comprehensive research and analysis on your competitor, market, and industry as well as your USP
  2. Develop a tailor-made PPC campaign,focusing on keywords relevance
  3. Provide Ad copy writing and create an optimized landing page
  4. Provide Ad extensions
  5. Enable you set up, manage, and optimize your shopping campaigns and product listing ads
  6. Set up tracking to get a true picture of the results of the PPC campaign
  7. Optimize your PPC account through modifications
  8. Provide you tracking report as per the schedule

You can hire an AdWords expert or a team of certified professionals who will take care of all your PPC needs and will deliver the best results. Our experts will enable you handle single/multiple Paid Ad Campaigns for your business.
Our focused and innovative approach to PPC management coupled with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience allow us to provide you with bespoke solutions to get maximum brand awareness. The long list of our satisfied clients stands testimony to our commitment to quality and optimum client satisfaction.

We offer various PPC plans, and clients can choose the one that best serves their needs. So, rely on our experts who will help you make the most of your digital marketing campaigns and enable you to establish an enviable brand reputation.

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