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Google Display Ads – Here’s 2 Types of Remarketing That Can be Used

If you want to build awareness of your brand or service, perhaps the best way to do so is through Google Ads. Brand awareness can quickly turn to sales, but only if you know what to do. Remarketing is the way to ensure your brand stays in your potential customer’s eyes, which encourages them to visit your product when they require it. 


What is Remarketing on Google Display Ads?

Remarketing means that you will market your product or service to an audience that has previously visited your website. According to a report by Marketo, approximately 96% of the visitors to your website will not purchase anything. Remarketing works because people favor familiar brands over unfamiliar ones. Remarketing on Google Display Ads targets people who have previously visited your website. To do so, you need to add conversion tracking tags to the webpages that you wish to monitor. When someone visits those pages, the tags get triggered and alert the Google Ads manager that the person has viewed that page. You can also add specific triggers that inform the Google Ads manager when the visitor does specific actions such as adding products to their cart, signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product. Google will add the person to the remarketing list as it identifies them as being interested in your product or service.


Explanation on the Two Types of Remarketing on Google Display Ads

The two types of remarketing on Google Display Ads are dynamic remarketing and standard remarketing. Here is a deeper look into the two types:

Standard remarketing: This is the default remarketing Ad format for Google. It performs the simple action of targeting visitors to your website regardless of any action performed or not. Google Display Ads pertaining to your website will show up when they visit other websites and social media apps/websites that use the Google Display Network. It also targets visitors who use Google and other search engines to search for terms related to the products or services you offer. Standard remarketing makes use of generic advertisements to build brand awareness. With standard remarketing, you can sort visitors to your website into general lists based on their activity on the website. Then the Google Display Ads will target them as per the list they are under as well as your marketing goal.

Dynamic remarketing: This offers a personalized approach to remarketing where Google uses your website visitor data and your Google Ads manager platform to deliver customized ads in real-time. Unlike standard remarketing, the ads generated here are not generic. Therefore, for example, a visitor adds a product to their cart but then fails to check out. When that visitor navigates to another website that is part of the Google Display Network’s properties, they will see a banner ad for the exact product they had added to the cart on your website. This makes the visitor more likely to click on the ad and go through with their purchase of the product. Thus, dynamic remarketing has significant benefits for ROI. Here, the variations of the ads related to your website are only limited by the number of products that your website offers. Another form of dynamic remarketing is where machine learning is used to understand what products in your arsenal might interest potential customers based on the popularity of the product and the data collected from many users. Dynamic remarketing requires more technical know-how offered by Google remarketing services.

Which One Should You Choose?

If you have a big collection of products with numerous variations for each product, then dynamic remarketing may be a better option to offer targeted personal ads. It can help display relevant products to potential customers, thus, helping deliver results. If, however, you have a limited number of products and product variations, standard remarketing may be a better bet. It is also less complex compared to dynamic remarketing.  

The Takeaway

Google Remarketing is a great way to generate sales revenue and retrieve lost leads by displaying personalized ad content to potential visitors. To make the most of your remarketing, you could opt for a company offering Google remarketing services, which will help your brand to grow by running powerful and effective remarketing ads for your website.

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