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What is White Label PPC Services & How are They Beneficial for us?

What is White Label PPC Services & How are They Beneficial for us?

Imagine this- you are a content creator working on digital marketing strategies with your team and you have some very happy clients initially. After a while your clients aren’t happy anymore, probably because one of your freelancers or contractors’ default on an important deadline. This fiasco could have been avoided if you had not been overly dependent on one individual. 


White label PPC (pay-per-click) is highly relevant in this scenario because you get to outsource the branding to an external firm which does all your work, while you get to retain your clients. There are several such firms which provide white label PPC services. Digital marketing trends have revolutionized the way products are being sold to customers, and not just any ad will sell. Short and crisp content-based ads are required, because potential clients have very short attention spans, even on the best of days. This is even more noticeable during the holiday season.  


Outsourcing to a white label PPC agency is a great option for you because it means lower overhead costs for you. There is no need for you to hire field specialists. Your clients get updated regularly on the progress of projects, and deadlines are taken care of. This idea may sound fabulous enough to solve all your woes, but you will need to check how feasible this option is, what sort of agency to opt for and check off a few important criteria on a list. 

Here are some points you could keep in mind, while choosing the agency to outsource to- 



  • Requisite Experience- Having the right kind of people work on specific projects is important, as they have the desired exposure and expertise in that area. This also means they understand some in-depth aspects better than others, and hence can approach the topic in a unique way. 
  • Being transparent- There must be no history of poaching clients, and you should also do stringent background checks. Trust is a two-way street here. 
  • Upskilling at the agency- Check if project coordinators are encouraged to regularly go for further training, because this is how they will continue to come up with relevant market campaigns for the present. The digital ecosystem is ever-changing and it can be daunting if you feel like you are getting left behind.
  • Constant and clear communication- This approach builds trust in the long run. Also, try to set a limit on how long a query needs to be solved within, because this will increase efficiency. 
  • Efficient support system- The white label pay-per-click agency you choose to go with should ideally be available to resolve any issue or query promptly, and this is done by a dedicated customer support team. 



Next, let us look at what challenges you may face if you decide to go ahead and implement this idea. 


Some aspects you will need to deal with-


  1. Get ready to be an efficient middleman– With high octane projects and approaching deadlines, clients can be up in arms asking for regular updates. This may seem excessive but you will require a detailed plan on how to deal with it, so there are no surprises. A good work around can be to ensure you have relevant details available about what has already been completed. 
  2. Stick to one format with respect to paperwork– The white label PPC agency you partner with and your client should agree to work with a single format so that there is no confusion. This will also help with smoother submissions. 
  3. Common work account and access– Google Ads is the single largest PPC based agency in the world. So there are high chances that you will work with a Google account. Accessing them with two different accounts can get problematic. Setting up a common account for your client and the PPC agency will help improve coordination and maintain deadlines. 


Now that you have zeroed in on the white label PPC company of choice, let us look at all the advantages of outsourcing-


  1. No more overhead costs– There is no need for you to recruit specialists, and if your client has a low-budget project, this should help a lot. The project coordinators normally have a clear-cut approach to completing work allotted to them, and your client can expect great results for a fraction of the initial projected cost. However it does not mean that the white label PPC agency is going to be cheap. Low costs are relevant if you can retain your clients, and this approach won’t work if you lose a client even while cost-cutting. 
  2. Branding is maintained– Your client can be sure that their products are being branded and marketed appropriately, to the right audience. If their brand already has a reputation, this can be cemented with repeat and future customers. If your client has specific concerns, these can be addressed duly. 
  3. Distribution of workload– If you have to juggle too many clients, it can get real stressful real fast. This will impact employee performance and project delivery- all of which have a direct impact on company reputation and timeline maintenance. This is where outsourcing could help- by lightening your load and preventing burn-out. 
  4. Retention of clients– If you deliver projects and updates on time, clients are content. This will make them stay on as your clients, and they may recommend you to others too. This is a win-win for you.  


What should I do now?


While all of this may sound great, outsourcing is always a decision that needs its due consideration. They might do the grunt work, but the initial leg-work will be yours. You are still responsible for marketing strategy, closing a deal and managing and retaining your clients. The white label PPC company will in turn coordinate and liaise with you, help manage your campaign, provide regular updates and let you know how the campaign may be improved. What are you waiting for? Think well, and happy outsourcing! 


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