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7 Small but Important Tips to Implement In Google Ads Remarketing

Did you know that, according to some studies, only 2-4% searchers convert during their first site visit? This validates the importance of smart Google Ads remarketing campaigns to bring back bounced traffic. The sad part is many advertisers don’t put enough effort into remarketing campaigns – this leads to wasted ad spend and lost opportunity.

Here are some small but important tips to increase the effectiveness of remarketing campaigns.

#1 Create Remarketing Lists Based on Goals

A good Google Ads remarketing strategy starts with identifying goals. Your goal may be to retarget searchers who visited your website but did not take any conversion action. Or it may be to retarget site visitors who initiated checkout process but abandoned their shopping cart. Another common goal is to target searchers who didn’t view a particular web page or content piece that you want to highlight. Create a remarketing audience list based on the specific goals you want to achieve.

#2 Advertise on YouTube

Many advertisers involved in Google remarketing don’t consider YouTube to be a viable platform for remarketing campaigns. This is a misconception that needs to be erased immediately. YouTube is a video platform and can help in creating a long-lasting visual impression. You don’t have to pay if a user skips your ad before thirty seconds, so what do you have to lose? To find out the viability of YouTube, run a few ads on this platform and compare results with what you receive from other platforms.

#3 Strategize for Warm Leads

Google remarketing involves targeting two types of leads – warm leads and cold leads. Warm leads are users who visited your website recently but didn’t complete a conversion action. Target these users by adjusting bids and spending more on them – the idea is to strike while the iron is hot. You can try to improve landing page conversion rates by increasing ad spend or decreasing frequency capping.

#4 Strategize for Cold Leads

Cold leads are users who may still be in the awareness phase, who visited your site to gather more information. Such individuals may not be ready to buy yet but they are valuable to your business. Adjust bids so that you spend less on them – this way you don’t exclude them completely. You can try to move them further along the sales funnel by offering additional content or other incentives.

#5 Analyze Time Lag Reports

Take a look at the Time lag conversion report to see how many days it takes a user to convert after clicking on your ad for the first time. You can access this report in your Google Ads account by selecting Tools, then Attribution (Search Funnels) and then Time Lag. Use this information to determine the duration of remarketing lists. Revisit Time Lag reports a few weeks after implementing remarketing campaigns to determine whether purchase process has picked up the pace.

#6 Use Referral URL Remarketing Lists

With Google Ads remarketing, you can target users who come in from sources other than your Google Ads. For example, users who visited your website after viewing your ads on Facebook, Twitter or any other third party site. You can set up referral URL remarketing lists while creating a new remarketing list. For such users, provide consistent messaging so they are motivated to convert. Using this method, you can add also the audience from your e-mail marketing campaigns and formulate an appropriate remarketing strategy for them.

#7 Prevent Ad Fatigue

In Google Ads remarketing, it’s important to be aware of ad fatigue. When you run the same remarketing campaign and ads for a long period of time, say thirty days, people are bound to be annoyed, disinterested or bored. Instead of wasting ad spend on extending campaign duration, tweak your ad copy to make it fresh, engaging and compelling. You could throw in a limited-period discount, limited-period free shipping or highlight the need for taking action urgently.

Dive in and get your hands dirty testing various tactics and Google remarketing ads – it’s one of the best ways to ensure long-term success!

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