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Best Google Ads Extensions Your Competitors Wish to Knew

Did you know that you can generate over sixty per cent more website traffic, increase conversion rates by ten percent and improve quality score with ad extensions? Not many people know how to use these extensions, so you can race ahead of the competition by implementing them in your campaigns.

Google Ads Extensions

Ad extensions are an easy way to expand your search ads with useful information. There are two types of ad extensions

  1. Manual extensions
  2. Automated extensions

A competent Google Ads management professional is the right person to suggest which manual extension to implement and appropriate advanced settings (such as ad scheduling and device preference) to choose depending on campaign objectives.

Google decides which automated extensions to implement based on their suitability to improve an ad’s performance.

Overview of Ad Extensions

  • You need to have a minimum Ad Rank for ad extensions to show. Moreover, some ad extensions only apply to certain devices.
  • Experienced Google Ads management professionals suggest implementing every extension relevant to your business.
  • They are free to use and by implementing ad extensions, you can get better placement for your ad on SERPs.

Here’s a list of ad extensions our expert Google Ads management professionals suggest you use

#1 Site Link

Site link ad extensions show underneath the ad and contain links that take users to specific landing pages on your website. Additionally, you can use an expanded site link ad extension to add a two line description but these only work for some audiences and are usually shown when audience search for particular brands.

Site Link Extention


#2 Callout Extensions

Callout extensions let you add additional text to your ad to help people convert. For example: ‘24/7 customer support’ or ‘free shipping’ are callout extensions – your callout extension can be up to twenty characters.

Call to action extention


#3 Structured Snippet Extensions

When you outsource Google Ads to a professional, the professional may suggest using structured snippet extensions that showcase specific product/service aspects and come with a header. You can enter a minimum of three differentiating values that can be up to twenty five characters long. Structured snippet extensions allow customization and give audience a preview of your products and services.Snippet Extension

#4 Message, Phone and App Extensions

Message extensions allow audience to send texts to your business directly from your ad. You can create the message that will populate the searcher’s phone when they try to text you. Call extensions allow audience to call you directly from the advert. Call extensions appear as clickable phone icons on mobile devices and show as the contact number on desktops. Alternately, if you have developed a tablet or mobile app, you can use app extensions to help visitors link to your app.

message extension

#5 Location Extensions

Location extensions can be set up to help people find your exact location. They can be linked to call button or a business details page with valuable information such as your business hours and directions to get to your store.

Location Extension

#6 Review Extensions

Some white label PPC services providers place strong emphasis on review extensions using which you can add an exact or paraphrased quote attributed to a recognized source of reviews.

Review Extension

#7 Automated Ad Extensions

When you outsource to an Google Ads agency, they can tell you about the most relevant automated extensions for your business. Consumer ratings showcase customer satisfaction for a range of industry-relevant parameters on the basis of consumer surveys. Previous visits tell users if they have visited your site on a previous occasion.

Seller ratings highlight review stars collected by a business on one of Google’s approved third party review providers. Dynamic site links are automatically generated to show relevant links below ad copy. Dynamic structured snippets atomically display with additional relevant features just below ad copy.

Automated Ad Extensions

You can, at any time, decide to edit or remove automated ad extensions. Contact a regular or white label PPC management services provider for more information.

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