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How to Use the New Google Ads Keyword Planner for PPC Campaigns

In PPC management, the Google Keyword Planner tool is an indispensable tool for finding new keywords to build new campaigns or expand existing ones. The following tips are designed to help you find new keywords effectively using this tool.

Go-To Tool for New Keyword Ideas

Ney Google keyword planner


The Google Keyword Planner offers five useful features, three of which help with finding new keyword opportunities and the other two help with getting forecasts and making budget plans. For a PPC management agency, the ‘Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category’ option is the most important one to generate keyword ideas for new or existing campaigns. For existing campaigns, PPC experts recommend using this feature to find long tail keywords that can lead to conversions.

Build on Search Term Foundation

new keyword opportunities


You can search for keyword and ad group ideas based on seed terms that are relevant to product/service, landing page or various product categories. The first will help you find keyword opportunities that are closely related to your business offerings. PPC management experts recommend searching by product category when the other two have been exhausted.

Select Appropriate Targeting Options

Keyword Targeting Options


The next step is to select appropriate targeting options for location, language and network. For location settings, enter the country, territories, regions or cities you want to target -use the Nearby link to get more location ideas. For network settings, you have two options – select ‘Google’ in order to get ideas for Google Search or click ‘Google and Search Partners’ to get ideas for Google Search Partner sites as well. Advertisers also have the option to add negative keywords and filter out keywords they don’t want their ads to appear for.

Tips to Refine Results Quickly

Refine Keywords Quickly


A PPC management agency uses various settings to find relevant keywords and refine results quickly. Use the ‘filter by historic statistics’ to refine results based on metrics such as average monthly searches, suggested bid, ad impression share, organic impression share and organic average position.

Experts recommend the first three options to find high commercial intent keywords that are likely to be profitable. Users can also select from competition metrics – high, medium and low for further refinement.

Narrow Keyword Research

Narrow Keyword Research

The ‘filter by keyword options’ tool is used to find closely matched keyword variations and save time sifting through enormous volumes of keyword ideas. Users can refine results to see only search terms that include at least one of the search terms mentioned in the ‘include keywords’ box, keywords that already exist in account or plan and keywords with or without adult content.

Generate Combination Keyword Lists

Combination Keyword Lists

White label PPC management experts recommend using the ‘Multiply keyword lists to get new keywords’ feature to generate hundreds and thousands of keyword combinations without manual effort. Users can multiply more than two keyword lists to create combined keyword phrases and review historical data such as month-to-month search volume and traffic forecasts for the new lists to make well-informed decisions.

Evaluate Keyword Results

Evaluate Keyword Results


When you click the ‘Get ideas’ option, you will be taken to the keywords results page where you can find keyword opportunities from the ‘Ad group ideas’ tab or Keywords idea tab. Within ‘Keywords ideas’ tab, you can review information in four columns – average search volume column, competition, suggested bid and ad impression share evaluate each suggested keyword that Google finds relevant to your seed keyword. If you click on the ‘Ad group ideas’ tab, you’ll access premade ad groups with relevant keywords and be able to review information for each ad group.

Add the keywords you want to target, set a daily budget and a rough bid. You’ll be able to access more accurate projections in terms of impressions, clicks and conversion volumes. For expert assistance, get in touch with white label PPC management experts.

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