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How does Google Ads Broad Match with Audience Targeting Work?

Broad match keyword is an advertising technique used by search engines to match advertisements against search terms. As Google defines it, one’s ad will appear in the search result if the query contains words as used in the ads or synonyms of keywords used in ads and other such variations. Google Ads combine broad matching with targeting of the audience to garner maximum reach and engagement. 

Audience targeting helps your ads reach the right person

Broad match keyword is a generalized strategy that pulls up your ad along with the search result of queries that contain keywords used in your ads. While this increases the exposure that your product receives, such exposure cannot be converted to engagement unless the right person sees the ad. Adding audience targeting to a broad match keyword is the solution to this issue. With this unique combination, the exposure still remains high, and the icing on the cake is that such exposure will be within the target audience you choose for your product. 

Audience targeting brings the target audience to you

Not only does audience targeting help your business get out of the marketing rut it has been stuck in, but it provides the kind of exposure that has potential of converting into sales. It also directs people who fall within your target audience. But do not know that you are what they have been looking for, straight to your product page. To put it simply, this technique thinks outside the box so that individuals within your target audience who haven’t thought of adding specific keywords in their searches will still see your ad. 

Strategies to make the most of this unique combo

While the unique combination of broad matching of keywords with audience targeting in itself is the recipe for marketing success, the following tips will help you make the most of this unique combo;

  • Double-checking your CPC bids’
  • Double-checking the negative keywords list
  • Double-checking your marketing campaign

Let us look at these strategies in detail.

Double-check your bids

Your overall spending will likely increase. As this combo allows you to serve for cost queries that are higher than your usual. It is wise to reduce the maximum limit of CPC that you have set, especially when you first incorporate this combination into your marketing plan. If you have an automatic bidding system in place, the adjustments to bidding will be automatically made. It is nonetheless wise to review the bidding strategy so that it is in tune with your revised goals. 

Double-check the negative keywords list

Negative keywords are those that you do not want your ad to be associated with. The key is to mark keywords allied to your primary keywords that are irrelevant to the product and services you offer, as negative.  For instance, if you offer courses related to management but do not offer job placements, make sure that keywords related to job placements are marked as negative. 

Double-check your marketing campaign

As a thumb rule, do not implement any new marketing strategy without first reviewing the campaign. Such a review will help you identify any contradictory strategies. In simpler terms, such a review will allow you to double-check whether this new strategy will invalidate previous strategies in place. You can make necessary edits to the campaign to ensure that such mistakes do not happen. Moreover, you achieve the campaign goals without hiccups. 

Why worry when you can outsource?

White label PPC management services are your best bet if you are looking to take advantage of this unique combo. To obtain best results they will ensure that all these strategies are implemented. Why worry when you can outsource PPC management? Your marketing strategy will be fruitful in the hands of the PPC management experts. 

Conclusion – get out of that rut!

When you feel like you’ve tried every marketing strategy out there but are not seeing the growth you desire. The audience targeting along with broad matching keywords will come to your rescue. This strategy allows you to expand the scope of your marketing campaign meaningfully, and if the technicalities overwhelm you, you can always resort to the help of white label PPC management


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