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8 Remarketing Ideas That Help Boost Ad Conversions

Google Ads remarketing is a wonderful way to serve targeted ads to audiences who have visited your site. Site visitors will see your ads when they browse the huge number of sites in the Google Display Network. With a remarketing campaign, you have the opportunity to keep your brand fresh in their minds and entice them to come back to complete conversion.

Why Choose Remarketing?

Many users don’t convert on their first site visit – they look for information and may initialize a purchase transaction but back out due to various reasons. Think of Google Ads remarketing as a second chance to target this valuable segment of audience. Remarketing campaigns can significantly increase conversions and sales.

#1 Segment Audience for Better Targeting

Segment Audience

Setting up Google Ads remarketing is fairly easy if you’re already running an Google Ads PPC campaign. All you have to do is add a small piece of remarketing code to pages of your website so site visitors get added as audiences for your remarketing campaigns through site cookies. Many advertisers target everyone who visited their home pages but professional agencies offering Google Ads remarketing services recommend customizing code for different pages to get different categories of audiences.

#2 Create Focused Campaigns

When you’re on limited remarketing ad budget, creating a generic and poorly planned campaign that targets all home page visitors will only increase cost per click and prevent you from creating highly targeted ads without driving any significant number of conversions. By creating focused and narrow campaigns, you will be able to reduce ad spend wastage and serve highly targeted ads.

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#3 Consider Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting

According to the best agencies offering Google AdWords remarketing services, the key to remarketing campaign success lies in using proven strategies and focusing on building awareness, conversions and loyalty. Google remarketing lets you segment audience in numerous ways. If you are an offline store with a local presence, you should use geotargeting tools to select local audiences for your remarketing campaign.

#4 Target ‘Contact’ Page Visitors

There are many people who visit the ‘Contact’ page of a website for information but leave after that. These people could be waiting for the right opportunity to convert. Make sure information on ‘Contact Page’ is accurate and add the remarketing code so that you can serve the people who’ve visited this page with relevant ads.

#5 Entice Blog Readers

Target people who’ve visited specific product pages on your website and serve them ads with valuable content and rich images. If you have a very popular blog or infographic on your website but people who’ve seen it have not converted, include them in your remarketing campaign and serve them ads with different value propositions.

#6 Remind Cart Abandoners

Cart Abandoners

Target site visitors who went further along the sales funnel such as those who filled a shopping cart but backed out right before purchasing. Serve them with timely ads reminding them of what they’ve added to their shopping cart and motivate them to come back and complete a transaction.

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#7 Serve Ads to Existing Customers

Don’t forget existing customers including those made seasonal purchases. Seasonal customers such as those who shopped during Christmas or Valentine’s Day can be targeted at the same time every year to encourage repeat orders. Entice existing customers with new products or related products. Encourage future spending and build brand loyalty by offering discounts, special offers or coupon codes.

#8 Don’t Follow Indefinitely

Optimize landing pages with A/B testing and make sure they include robust calls-to-action to encourage conversions. Also, don’t follow site visitors indefinitely – it might be perceived as harassment or stalking. Strike early but don’t prolong your campaign if you’re not seeing results. Some users may convert in other ways, like making an in-store purchase. When site visitors have converted, don’t serve them with the same ads again – try remarketing a different product or service.

For more advanced Google remarketing tips, consult a Google Ads management agency now.

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