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Less Conversions From Google Ads? Here is a Quick Fix PPC Guide

Are you losing sleep because your Google Ads remarketing or standard PPC ads aren’t converting? Truth be told, conversion rates average around 4% for typical search campaigns and around 1% for display campaigns. However, there are several things you can do to change that. Here are some quick fixes to implement changes in critical areas of your PPC campaign and improve Google Ads conversion rates ASAP!

Common Causes for Low Conversion Rates

Whether it’s a Google Ads remarketing campaign or traditional PPC campaign, low conversion rates are probably due to a combination of factors. Some of the common mistakes are

  • Not addressing search intent properly
  • Not using tailored ad extensions for each ad
  • Not creating targeted ad groups
  • Message mismatch on landing pages

Address Search Intent

The advantage of using Google Adsremarketing or traditional search campaigns is that you can directly target people who are searching for products and services on Google. You have an opportunity to target bottom-of-the-funnel prospects who are just a few steps away from converting. But just looking at general intent will not get you amazing results because

  • Searchers may be at different stages of the buyer journey.
  • Some may be in the awareness stage, others may be in the consideration stage or decision stage.

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Look at Keyword Level Intent

To have great conversion rates, you need to understand intent at the keyword level and match ad copy with that intent.

  • For example, you can target a prospect in the awareness stage with a free e-book download.
  • Prospects at this stage are not ready to buy, they are more likely to be gathering information. If someone accepts your free e-book download, you are aiding their purpose but also taking them further along the sales funnel which can lead to a solid conversion in the future.
  • Bottom line, you need to offer accurate content and solutions for the intent.

Implement Relevant Ad Extensions

Almost every PPC remarketing professional will tell you that ad extensions are a great way to increase CTR and conversion rates. Yes, they work but simply adding random ad extensions will not boost conversion rates.

  • Firstly, Ad extensions need to be relevant to your business and your ads.
  • More importantly, they have added value to and improve the user experience.
    For example, using an ad extension to highlight business address can negatively impact conversions if you’re not targeting a local audience.
  • Don’t use ad extensions for the heck of it – think about how they can positively impact your campaign and then only implement.

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Create Focused Ad Groups

If you don’t create tightly-knit ad groups, you lose out on an opportunity to serve specific enough ads.

  • Having a single ad group for ten or twenty keywords severely compromises your ability to target high-quality traffic and serve targeted ads.
  • Less specific ad groups and ads can lead to a decrease in Quality Score and increase in cost-per-click.
  • The more refined your ad groups, the more chances you have to serve specific ads that meet customer expectations.
  • Ideally, ad groups should revolve around one to three keywords. Some Google Remarketing experts suggest creating single keyword ad groups.
  • The ad group, keywords and ad copy should align with a single theme and lead to a corresponding landing page.

Optimize Landing Page Experience

Landing page experience is an important factor to determine Quality Score and generate conversions.

  • A low-quality Score can drive up costs and lead to fewer, more expensive conversions.
  • A common mistake that marketers make is direct users to the website homepage or a pricing page.
  • However, you need to bring users to a dedicated landing page that taps into specific keyword intent and provides the experience users expect after clicking on an ad.
  • An effective landing page should perfectly match the keyword, ad copy and offer a value proposition that users find useful.

To conclude, the above steps are quick fixes but they also focus on fundamentals. Implement them for your Google remarketing or regular PPC campaigns and create a satisfactory user journey from click to conversion!

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